Programma Ponte Scholarships Available

The Rienzi & Sons Scholarship

The Howard Beach Columbus Day Foundation Scholarship

The Coccia Foundation Scholarship

The Giovanna Palandra Memorial Scholarship

The Anthony Calia Foundation Scholarship

The Mauro & Josephine A. Maietta Scholarship

The Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro Scholarship

Istituto Superiore per la Comunicazione e                                                                     dell’Opinione Pubblica (ISCOP) Scholarship

The AIAE Scholarships

for information regarding application, latest deadlines, correspondence etc., please contact Dr. Carmela Leonardi at



Programma Ponte Application

Programma Ponte Application 2017

Please send application and all correspondence to: Dr. Carmela Leonardi at:




ALL students awarded AIAE Scholarships MUST comply with these requirements by April 15 of each year: Make copy of each document, follow instructions, and send these documents to as soon as possible.

Release and indemnification Form

Health Insurance Form 1

Medical Report Form 2

Permission for emergency treatment Form 1

Permission for emergency treatment Form 1

Make sure to click “Programma Ponte Application” for the actual application.

for further information, contact Dr. Carmela Leonardi

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